Modern Horror Games

I would like to program a new video game that could be made from this concept. Please share this with friends and other developers. I'm envisioning a game that I've been working on called "Under the Dome", and I would like to add some horror to it. I'm not really into the type of games that you'd typically put yourself in, but I think that if there's a game that would fit within the Under the Dome concept, it'd be on the list of things that I need to build. Also, there are a very very very small amount of clay planet types in this world out there, so there may or may not be dungeons or pits, or even entire continents. I think that for the most part, these are the types of things we're going to be putting into place for this game to make it feel natural. Also, there are a very very very long amount of ways to go this game will go, and you can't really get good at it until you're 40, which is when you really start getting into character development. This is all I can write for now, please let me know what you all think!

John Doe says:
could be good!
demo says:
hello friends