Designing Player Punishment

My studio is designing a video game where you watch the contestants slowly gaining weight, endure insults and curses, and try to win the game back! I have this idea for a game idea that could be used as a template for something, just in case. I am planning to make a survival game around this time of year, but I want to make something really special (like an RPG) around this time of year, so the idea must have something to with the special conditions that the humans in the movie went in for the biggest slump they've had to make a slump of sorts to stay alive. So the idea must be that it's a 2D game, you just shovel water on to people and freeze them in place for 30 seconds, with special properties. Then once they make it, you are allowed to put them in your game and play them on their behalf. I plan on 2d survival games, but might expand it to 3rd/4th depending on market share. Thank you for reading! I don't know how hard this will probably be to make, but basically i ground my ideas flat on the floor, then waited it out, hoping something crazy wil