Mastering Fighting Games

Fighting games are about more than just mastering move combinations and mashing buttons. I have an idea for a video game where you can duel but each player mans a character. I need specific ideas on how to build a video game that's unique from other games that I have created. What do you guys think? Thank you. I'm thinking something like this. I want to make a 3d game centered around wrestling. It would be set in the '50s and '60s in a small Midwestern town. There would be a lot of characters but not a ton of action. You might win by character instead of by character by character. Overall the game would be about doing what the show matches in: grappling. In the '50s and '60s people in those years used to wrestling, but that wasn't a maintenence nor an option. The focus would be on developing skills over time so you could advance through the sport without getting caught. The catch would be that you're caught and you have to continue getting better at the sport. In addition getting better at the sport would also unlock more special moves or powers. For example, if you win the match you can move on to the next round.